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Haven Humane Society supports the community by promoting humane treatment of animals through sheltering, spay/neuter, adoption, community education, outreach, rescue and animal regulations. 


Haven Humane Society's vision is of a community of responsible pet owners working together for a North State with no more homeless pets. 


Have you considered what would happen to your pets should they outlive you? Do you know who will care for them when you can no longer do so?

To address these questions, Haven Humane Society created the Pet Guardian Care Program. The goal is to provide a program that will give you peace of mind and options for the quality care of your pet(s) when you are no longer able to do so. 

As part of the program, Haven Humane Society will provide a

custom-designed care program that meets the needs of you and your pets and 

staff assistance in helping you to identify the best possible care options for your pets 

on-going and loving care.

This program is open to all loving and responsible pet owners. We do request a minimum $3,000 commitment per animal to cover food, vet care, and any emergency care that's needed until the pet is placed in a permanent home. This commitment can be created through a pet trust or will; there is no investment required upon enrolling in the program. 


As we take steps every day towards ending the crisis of pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect, we depend on the generous support of fellow animal lovers in our community. 

Estate or planned gifts are excellent opportunities to support Haven Humane Society during and following your lifetime, while meeting current income needs and providing for your heirs. You can also provide for the care of your pets in your estate plan. 

Examples of estate and planned giving instruments include wills and living trusts, life insurance or retirement beneficiary designations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, and life estates in personal residences or farms. 

All are wonderful ways to support Haven Humane Society. We would love to discuss options with your accountant or financial adviser to determine what's best for you.




One way to give is with a bequest. Your will or trust can designate that a specific amount can be transferred as a gift to Haven Humane Society.


Such a gift can take the form of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or any type of asset. You may also give a percentage of your estate. 


The bequest lets you pass on your gift to Haven Humane Society tax free. 




A gift of life insurance to Haven Humane Society can be a way to make a significant donation even though you may not be a wealthy person. If you have existing policies for which you no longer need the coverage, consider assigning ownership to Haven Humane Society.  

By naming Haven Humane as both owner and beneficiary, you get a tax deduction and make a generous gift. You may take an immediate tax deduction for the cost basis or surrender value, whichever is less. 


Do you have money saved in an employee retirement plan, IRA or tax-sheltered annuity? Each of these plans may contain income that has yet to be taxed. 

When a distribution is made from your retirement plan account, your beneficiaries may owe federal income tax in addition to applicable state income taxes. 

Consider leaving your loved ones less heavily taxed assets by leaving your retirement plan assets to Haven Humane Society. As a nonprofit organization, we are tax-exempt and will receive the full amount of what you designate to us from your plan. 


A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is an irrevocable trust that generates a potential income stream for you, as the donor to the CRT, or other beneficiaries you designate, with the remainder of the donated assets going to your favorite charity or charities. 

This charitable giving strategy generates income and can enable you to pursue your philanthropic goals while also helping provide for living expenses. Charitable trusts can can offer flexibility and some control over your intended charitable beneficiaries as well as a lifetime income, thereby helping with retirement, estate planning and tax management. 


A charitable lead trust (CLT) is an irrevocable trust that provides a fixed amount or percentage of the trust assets paid to a charity, which can sometimes include a private foundation, for a term of years or for the life of an individual or individuals. 

The remainder interest is either retained by the donor or given to a non-charitable beneficiary, usually a family member.


Receive fixed payments for life while saving the animals! A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a time-tested method that many donors use to both give and receive. 

In addition to making a "planned gift" to Haven Humane Society, a CGA will create an immediate income tax deduction and generate fixed income for life. After your lifetime, the remainder in the account will be transferred to Haven Humane Society on your behalf. 

A charitable gift annuity can become an attractive part of your investment portfolio and may add significantly to your charitable legacy. The fixed income payment amounts are based on your (and/or your spouse's) age, and you can choose whether you receive payments immediately, or defer them to a later date. 


A retained life estate agreement is one way to contribute real estate to Haven Humane Society. This giving option allows you to remain living in or using your home, vacation home, or farm while establishing a gift of that property to Haven Humane Society. 

You receive an income tax deduction in the year you make the gift, and Haven Humane Society receives the property at the end of the retained life estate term, usually your lifetime. 

The benefits of establishing a retained life estate include maintaining maximum use and enjoyment of your property throughout your lifetime, receiving an immediate income tax deduction, and removing a taxable asset from your estate. 

If you would like to further discuss any of the options listed above, please reach out to our Development Department by calling 530-241-5262. 


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