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Have you considered what would happen to your pets should they outlive you? Do you know who will care for them when you can no longer do so?

To address these concerns, Haven Humane Society created the Pet Guardian Care Program. The goal is to provide a program that will give you peace of mind and options for the quality care of your pet(s) when you are no longer able to do so.


Contact us with any questions: (530) 241-5262

Pet Guardian Estate Care Program


As part of the program, Haven staff will custom-design a care program that meets the needs of you and your pets, and we will help you to identify the best possible care options for your pets' ongoing and loving care.

This program is open to all loving and responsible pet owners. We request a minimum $3,000 commitment per animal to cover food, vet care, and any emergency care that's needed until your pet is placed in a permanent home. This arrangement can be created through a pet trust or will; there is no commitment required upon enrolling in the program. Please call us to discuss.


As we take steps every day towards ending the crisis of pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect, we depend on the generous support of fellow animal lovers in our community.

Estate or planned gifts are excellent opportunities to support Haven Humane Society's work during and following your lifetime, while meeting current income needs and providing for your heirs. You can also provide for the care of your pets in your estate plan. 

Examples of estate and planned giving instruments include wills and living trusts, life insurance or retirement beneficiary designations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, and life estates in personal residences or farms.

We would love to discuss estate options with you and your accountant or financial adviser to determine what's best for you. If you would like to further discuss any of the options listed above, please reach out to our Development Department by calling (530) 241-5262.

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