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Questions? Call the Foster Program Coordinator: (530) 241-1653 or Email:

The Foster Care Program is made up of compassionate volunteers committed to offering animals a temporary home and a big dose of love.

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Why are Pets Fostered?

Many animals arrive at Haven Humane society with potential, but they may not be ready for adoption. These animals need the time, love, and learning environment that only a foster parent can provide.

Cats and dogs who can not be adopted because they are too young, underweight or sick, or are in need of socialization and training are all candidates for the Foster Care Program.


What is Fostering Like?

Foster parents are official Haven volunteers, that means major care costs for your foster pet, like medical expenses,  are covered by Haven Humane Society.

You will have the
support of our staff Animal Behaviorist to assist with training and the Haven Humane Veterinary Hospital for all your foster's medical needs. 

Kitten Fostering

With the addition of our Kitten Nursery, more kittens will go through the weaning phase into the toddler phase where they will need foster homes to grow and play.

Foster parents who are new to kitten fostering will be
provided with training on kitten care, and Haven will even put you in touch with an experienced foster parent who can provide you with tips and advice whenever you have questions or concerns.  

Planning a summer vacation out of town? No problem.
Haven can place your kittens into temporary foster care until you return.

To get a better idea of what kitten fostering is all about, check out Kitten Lady's videos on YouTube, click here.

Learn more about the kitten nursery and fostering kittens, click here.

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