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Animal Regulation Services: (530) 241-2550

Haven Humane Society takes in sick and injured dogs and cats. We also are able to take in lost dogs and a limited number of lost cats.

Thank you for caring about a lost pet and trying to help them get home. If you found a friendly, healthy dog, here is what you need to know to give them the best chance at reuniting with their family. Haven encourages finders to house lost dogs for 48 hours.

If you found another type of animal call us at the number above or or Click here.

happy dog in the grass with a ball

Take 48! Program - 48 Hours Closer to Home


Take 48! is an initiative to help more lost pets get back home to their families. Given that most dogs will be found less than a mile away from their home, taking them to the shelter can impede their chances of finding their family again.


We encourage all finders to take 48 hours before bringing a found pet to the shelter (if they do not have an ID tag or a microchip), and follow a few quick steps to help that pet. You can significantly increase the chances of reuniting a pet with their family!

Steps to Help a Lost Pet Find Home

The First Hour: Contact Your Neighbors

Check for ID. Some pets have a collar with ID tags or stitching with information you can use to contact the pet parent.

Walk the dog around the neighborhood to see if anyone recognizes them.


Take a photo & message your neighbors about the pet.

Fill out a Found Pet Report online or by phone - we may have already been contacted by the owner.

The Next Few Hours: Microchip & ID Check

In Shasta County, a found pet must be scanned for a microchip in the first 24 hours.


Microchip scans are free at Haven or a veterinarian.


Please drop by Haven Humane Society to file a full Found Pet Report in person, get a microchip scan, have the pet photographed, and learn about our Foster Finder program.

If the Pet Has a Microchip or Other ID

Pets with tags or a microchip (regardless of the microchip's status) MUST be brought into the shelter in the first 24 hours. If you are interested in keeping the pet longer, ask about our extended Foster Finder Program.

The Next 24-48 Hours for No-ID Pets

Post online to lost pet sites. Try these first:

Nextdoor (your local area) (and their 530 facebook page)

Facebook Groups (search for):

"Cody Alert 530"

“Lost & Found Pets of [CITY NAME] & [ 530]”

       Example: "530 Lost And Found Pets"

Try these if you still don't find your pet:


The Next 48 Hours+

After 48 hours you are welcome to drop off your found dog at Haven Humane Society.


If you are interested in keeping the dog longer, ask about our Foster Finder Program. Call first about dropping off a found cat or other animal.

If you choose to continue to house a found animal, you must continue to look for their owner for 30 days.

Make a found pet flyer and hang it within a 1-mile radius of where you found the dog.

orange cat sleeping
Another animal type

Found Another Type of Animal?

Haven encourages finders to temporarily house lost dogs that are friendly and healthy. If you find any other type of animal, the information below can help direct you.

Found a Cat

I found a friendly, healthy cat

I found a unfriendly or sick dog

Outdoor cats may not be lost, but may be a "community cat." If you feel the cat is truly lost, check for ID tags and have the cat scanned for a microchip at a veterinary clinic to see if it has an owner that it can be reunited with right away. A neutered feral cat may have an ear tip.

Information on how to surrender a cat, click here.

Please call Haven's Animal Services as soon as possible.

I found a sick or injured cat

Please call Animal Services as soon as possible.

I found kittens

Nursing kittens should not be removed from their home unless they are sick or obviously underweight- in most cases, their mother will return shortly. Use the following graphic to help you decide if you should bring the kittens to Haven Humane Society or leave them alone.

What to do if you find kittens guide, click here or the graphic below.

Kitten care information, click here.


I found a dead animal

• If you find an deceased animal on the highway or freeway contact Cal Trans (530) 225-3426.

• If you find a deceased animal in the city on a road that is not a highway or freeway, contact Haven Humane at our Animal Control Services above.

I found an unfriendly / eartipped cat

A cat that appears to have the tip of its ear missing may have an "eartip" - a symbol of a feral (wild) cat who has been spayed or neutered and vaccinated. If you encounter an unfriendly cat without an eartip, particularly in a wild, they may be a feral cat. In most cases, these cats should be left alone, unless sick or injured. The public can help reduce the numbers of feral cat communities by participating in our Trap, Neuter, Release program (TNR).

Read about TNR and how you can help these wild cats, click here.

I found a wild animal

Haven Humane Society cares for domestic animals. If you find sick, injured or abandoned wildlife, please visit one of the following websites for further instructions:

Injured wild animal contact Shasta Wildlife Rescue at (530) 365-9453.

• If you find an deceased animal on the highway or freeway contact Cal Trans (530) 225-3426.

• For large wildlife contact Fish & Wildlife at (530) 225-2300.

I found livestock

Call the Haven Humane Society Animal Control for Redding & Anderson residents.
two dogs playing in a Haven play yard
Another animal type

Tips for Preventing Lost Pets


Having your pet microchipped is an easy way to ensure that if your pet gets loose, you will be contacted if they come into any shelter or vet's office.


You can have your pet microchipped at Haven for a low cost. Keep your microchip information updated if you move.


Inexpensive tags for pet collars can be purchased online or from local pet stores. Include your phone number and address.


Get a new tag each time you move or change phone numbers.


Unaltered pets have hormonal instincts to seek out a mate when in heat. In order to prevent this, have your pet spayed or neutered.


Haven Humane Society provides low-cost spay and neuter services.

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