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Camp Love-a-Pet is a summer program where children ages 10-15 are teamed up with a shelter dog. For two weeks, each camper walks, trains, and socializes their dog with the end goal of getting it adopted.
The camp also includes field trips and class projects. From visiting Turtle Bay Exploration Park to watching Police K9 demos, every day presents an exciting and educational experience!

2024 Camp Love-a-Pet Dates

2024 Camp Love-a-Pet Registration

• Registration is Thursday, February 1st at 8am
• In person only (kids do not have to be present) – first come first serve 
• Bring completed application and deposit to Building B (on the right)
For more information, please email or call 530-241-1653 to speak with the camp director.
Rottweiler getting a bath
campers at the Sundial bridge
Campers giving dog a bath
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