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Veterinary Hospital: (530) 241-1658

All households qualify for our low-cost spay & neuter services.

We are now scheduling appointments for public spays & neuters by phone only- please do not email.

Due to overwhelming call volume, we are unable to return voicemails. If you are unable to reach us or receive a busy or dropped call, please call back. Thank you for understanding!


To make an appointment, call or email. We have limited availability and our services can book out months. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us with 24-48 hours notice so we can serve more animals in need. We do not serve feral cats at spay & neuter clinics. Please see our Stray Cat Program (TNR) page.



​Animal vaccines are safe and vital for the heath and saftey of your pet before surgery. Prior to spay/neuter surgery, we suggest the following vaccinations for the saftey of your pet: Cats​: A minimum of two FVRCP vaccinations, the last at four months of age or over, for their first series, then one vaccine annually. Rabies as required by city and county regulations. ​ Dogs: A minimum of two DA2PP and Bordetella vaccinations, the last at four months of age or older, for their first series, then one vaccine annually. ​Rabies as required by city and county regulations. ​ ​​If the recommended vaccinations have not been administered, you put your pet at an increased risk of contracting or spreading preventable diseases, for which you assume all liability. Please bring vaccine records with you at the time of your appointment. We offer a low cost vaccine clinic to help you ensure your pet is up to date and ready for surgery.​

Through vouchers, financial assistance for spays and neuters is available to pet owners, feral cat trappers, and community cat colony managers. Vouchers are only available for Shasta County residents.

Learn about vouchers.

The rabies vaccine is required for ALL animals three month of age or older.


• A rabies vaccine may be administered at the time of surgery. • Animals must be three months of age to receive a rabies vaccine. • An annual exam and appointment is required for vaccination service. We also administer rabies vaccination at our Vaccination Clinic and DOGS ONLY during dog licensing on a walk-in basis. *All dogs that live in Shasta County are required to be properly licensed and vaccinated against rabies after the age of four months.

Puppies and kittens need to be at least 2 months old, a healthy weight for their age, and no longer dependent on the mother for eating. The veterinarian will let you know if your kittens are large enough to safely be neutered.


Spay less than 25lbs $178

Spay 25-50lbs $189

Spay 50-80lbs $207

Spay 80-100lbs $224

Spay more than 100lbs $258

Haven dogs play in a play yard


Neuter less than 25lbs $155

Neuter 25-50lbs $166

Neuter 50-80lbs $178

Neuter 81-100lbs $195

Neuter 101+lbs $207

a happy Haven dog


Spay $138

Neuter $98

a Haven cat


There are many additional medical services that can be performed at the same time as the spay/neuter of your pet. Bundling services can help to reduce stress on your pet and reduce costs.

A few available services include bloodwork, getting a microchip, vaccines, and more.
To see all options and prices, download our sheet here.


Spay/neuter surgery helps reduce the number of stray animals. You can help end animal homelessness in Shasta County by spaying or neutering your pet. Here are more compelling reasons to spay/neuter: • Improve Health: Spaying at an early age decreases the incidence of mammary cancer as well as prevents diseases of the ovaries and infections of the uterus, which are a major cause of illness in unspayed pets. Neutered dogs have fewer prostate problems and no testicular cancer. • Decrease Euthanasia: It is estimated that four million cats and dogs, about one every eight seconds, are euthanized each year in the U.S. Often these animals are purebred and the offspring of cherished family pets. In California in 2018, 111,000 shelter animals were euthanized. • Prevent Unwanted Behaviors: Spay/neuter surgeries can help prevent aggressive behavior towards other animals, roaming in search of mates, urine marking in dogs and spraying in cats.

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