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Veterinary Hospital: (530) 241-1658

Knowing when to let your pet go is always a difficult decision. Our compassionate veterinary staff is here to support you when euthanasia is the most humane choice for a pet’s quality of life.

We offer a private and peaceful environment where our caring and certified euthanasia staff will help you and your family through the process. 

At Haven Humane Society, euthanasia is offered when animal is suffering from an irreparable injury, chronic illness, or of old age. We do not offer euthanize services for behavioral issues, including aggression.

hand holding dog paw

We have limited appointments space-- call to make an appointment.

The $70 fee includes an office visit where you can be present with your pet and then Haven Humane cares for their remains directly after.

The cost is
$50 if you would like to take your pets remains with you directly after the appointment.

While Haven does not offer cremation services, we can hold your pet's remains while you make arrangements through Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory at (530) 365-9093.

"They let me take my time with her and didn't rush me out. They explained the whole process. . . Thank you Haven Humane staff for empathizing and showing me such kindness throughout the process." - Jessica

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