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Euthanasia is a humane way of ending the life of an animal that is suffering from an irreparable injury, chronic illness, or old age. 

Euthanasia is not painful to animals but allows them to feel the sensation of falling into a deep, restful sleep. 

We offer a private and peaceful environment where our caring and certified euthanasia staff will help you and your family through the process. 

We offer euthanasia services at our veterinary hospital by appointment Monday through Thursday.
Please call our hospital at (530) 241-1658 to make an appointment. The cost is $90.60. This includes your ability to be present at the time and having Haven Humane care for the remains. If you would like to take your pets remains with you, the cost for euthanasia is $70.60. 

Haven Humane Society only provides a group cremation. If you would like to keep your pets cremains, please contact Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park and Crematory at 530-365-9093.

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