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At Haven Humane Society we understand that giving up a pet is one of the most difficult decisions there is to make and we are here to help. Unfortunately, Haven Humane Society has very limited availability to take in community animals for surrender. See below for details on which animals we can in take at Haven Humane.


We've also provided information and resources to help you keep your pet, find a new home for your pet, and to help you make the best decisions for your family.

dog playing in a grassy Haven play yard

Pets That Can Be Surrendered at Haven

We are not able to take owner surrenders for dogs or large animals.

We have limited space for surrenders of cats & small animals. See below.

We do take surrenders for any pet adopted from Haven Humane Society. Call Us.

Cat Surrender at Haven

We encourage you try to find a new home for your cat yourself before surrendering to Haven. Even the best shelters like Haven Humane are stressful environments for cats accustomed to living in a home. Please see the tools below for resources on how to rehome your cat yourself.

Our ability to take cats changes regularly. Please call our Animal Control line at 
(530) 241-2550 for the most current and accurate information.

To surrender a lost or feral cat to Haven Humane Society please call Monday - Friday at 8 a.m. At this time, we give out our limited spaces that are available to take in cats. We will only give people a space via phone; we will not accept cats if they show up in the lobby at 8 a.m.

Haven is only able to accept owner surrender cats that are friendly enough to be adoptable. For more information on feral cats in your community please click here. Haven does not take pet cats if they are sick or injured.

Fast Track to Adoption

If you are surrendering a healthy, friendly cat and we don’t have space to take it when you first come in or call, we have the Fast Track to Adoption program. Pay the $25 surrender fee ($40 for a litter) and we will vaccinate your cat, then your cat goes home with you while the vaccination kicks in. Bring the cat back in 3 weeks and we will take it directly to our adoption center.
Call at 8 a.m. Monday mornings to be placed on a list as space is limited. Kittens must be 6-7 weeks to start the program.

If Haven can not take your cat, please see the resources below.

Momma and baby cat at Haven Humane Society
Resources Rehome Your Pet

Resources to Help You Rehome Your Pet Yourself

The below steps will guide you through the process of finding the right new owner for your pet.

Prepare Your Pet for Adoption

If you are able, make your pet more adoptable by getting them spayed/neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Spaying/neutering your pet will also help prevent unwanted behaviors, like humping or marking, in their new home. Haven Humane Society offers all these services at a low price.

Take a Photo & Write a Bio

Your photo is the most important part of your pet’s post. Take a clear photo of your pet’s face that captures their personality. Use bright lighting and a background free from items or distractions.


Next, write a bio highlighting their best characteristics and personality. Be honest about how your pet interacts with other pets, children, and any other special needs.

Share & Market Your Pet

Ask Around: Spread the word, and don’t be shy! You never know who may be looking to adopt their new pet.

• Ask your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, church group, or other social groups to share with their friends and followers.

• Ask veterinarians if you can post a rehoming flyer in their clinic.

• Take your dog out on walks with an “Adopt Me” harness or bandana to attract potential adopters.

Post & Ask Online:

Rehome: It’s easy to use and will get your pet’s profile in front of thousands of potential adopters. They generate an adoption agreement, help with tips for meeting with potential adopters, and more.

Redding facebook groups: Search “Redding Pets” and “530 Pets” to find multiple groups you can join and post your pet.

Craigslist: Post your own pets on the Pets page in the Community area of the home page. Posting multiple good pictures is essential here.

Nextdoor: Join your neighborhood page and let your neighbors know you have a pet that needs a home. You can post your pet in the Free or Sale sections.

Petfinder: Click here for Shasta County area rescue groups.

• Contact breed-specific rescues if your pet meets the criteria.

Temporary Placement

If you have found someone to take care of your pet temporarily, it is a good idea to have an written agreement in place. You may want to refer to this Temporary Pet Guardian Contract as a guide.

Grey dog at Haven Humane Society
Resources Keep Your Pet

Resources to Help You Keep Your Pet

If you are facing separation with your pet, please use the below resources and contact us for more help.

Affordable Vet Care

Haven Humane Society offers many low cost medical services, including vaccines, microchips, spay & neuter, and basic medical services during spay & neuter surgeries.

Behavioral & Problem Solving Resources

The majority of of animals surrendered to shelter have never had obedience training. Most problems can be fixed with training but it takes time and commitment on your part.

Please see our Behavioral Resource Page for information on how to address any issues you may be having with your pet.

Haven Humane Society has an excellent Behavior Specialist on staff to answer any questions and support you with a training plan.

Email us at

Fundraising & Temporary credit

Try a fundraising platform such as GoFundMe, which enables you to create a personal fundraising page.

Or look into Waggle, a pet-dedicated crowdfunding solution that channels funds directly to verified veterinarians for a pet’s care.

Ask if your veterinarian accepts ScratchPay, a short term loan service, or Care Credit, a credit card for health care expenses, including for pets. Here is an article that breaks down the two services. Scratchpay is recommended somewhat more.

Pet-Friendly Housing & Moving Resources

Online Housing Search

Most online housing search engines have filters that allow you to search for pet-friendly options. Some good options include:,,,, and

Apartments also allow those with a disability to have an emotional support animal provided they have written documentation from a qualified medical professional. More info here.

Pet Resumes

A sample “pet resume,” is a useful way to to impress potential landlords by showing off your pet’s spay/neuter certificate, vaccine records and license tag. Haven Humane offers all of these services at a low cost. More tips for writing an excellent pet resume:

Consider signing your dog up to be an AKC Canine Good Citizen to prove to your potential landlord that your dog is well behaved. You can train yourself or find a training program in your area.

Moving Services

PetRelocation: U.S. and International Pet Transport Services- For more than 15 years, they have been guiding pets and their people through the complicated process of moving,

Military Assistance

Dogs on Deployment connects those in active duty, reservists, National Guard, veterans and first-responders with volunteers who will care for their pets while they have service commitments.

Pet Insurance

For help with future medical expenses, consider purchasing pet health insurance. For a guide on how to shop for pet insurance click here

Financial Assistance Lists & Funds

General Assistance Lists

Banfield Foundation
Best Friends Financial Aid for Pets
RedRover Relief
Humane Society

Specific Health Issue Assistance

Bow Wow Buddies: for sick & injured dogs
Canine Cancer Awareness: cancer
Frankie’s Friends: funds special & emergency care
Handicapped Pet Foundation: dog wheelchairs
Joshua Louis Animal Cancer Foundation: cancer
Land of Pure Gold Foundation: cancer treatment grants for working dogs
Magic Bullet Fund: cancer
The Mosby Foundation: critically sick & injured
The Onyx & Breezy Foundation: various support
The Pet Fund: non-basic, non-urgent care such as cancer, heart disease, chronic conditions
Pets of the Homeless: pet food & veterinary care assistance for the unhoused
The Riedel & Cody Fund: support for pets suffering with cancer

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