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Animal Regulation Services: (530) 241-2550

Losing your pet can be a scary and heartbreaking experience. Haven Humane Society is here to help you reunite with your lost pet.

Haven receives all reported lost pets in Shasta County with the exception of the City of Shasta Lake. Other cities/counties click here.

If you found a pet learn more here.

Lost pets at Haven

Lost Pets at Haven

If you are missing your pet, you can:

• Check our Lost Pets Page
• File a missing pet report at Haven
• Look through our kennels 8a.m.- 5p.m. Monday - Saturday

Other tips to find your lost pets, click here.

How to Reclaim Your Pet

Reclaim your pet

To reclaim your lost pet you will need proof of ownership: a timestamped photo of the pet or vet records, and your photo ID at pick up.

Boarding & State Fees:

Boarding Fee: $15 a day a pet is at Haven
Livestock: $50 + $15 a day boarding


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Tips to find your pet

Tips to Find Your Pet: The First 24 Hours

By following the steps below right away, you’ll have the best possible chance of being reunited with your pet. If you don’t find your pet quickly, don't give up! Pets are often found weeks or even months after they go missing.

The First Hour

  • Immediately alert your neighbors, via Nextdoor, and Facebook groups. Include a description of your pet, last known location, and a photo.

  • If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company to report them lost, and update your contact information if needed.

  • Walk the neighborhood, speak with neighbors, postal carriers, UPS/Amazon drivers, landscapers, and tell them about your missing pet.

The First Few Hours

  • Post online to lost pet sites. Try these first:

“Lost & Found Pets of [CITY NAME] and [530]”

Try these if you still can't find your lost pet:

The First 24 Hours

  • Visit Haven Humane Society to look for your pet. Please have a photo of your pet, and give copy to the front desk staff. Please visit the shelter frequently.

  • Look for your pet frequently on our Lost Pets page. If you see your pet, please visit us immediately. Keep in mind that the we will list your pet under a different name.

  • Hang lost pet posters. Hang your poster within a 3-mile radius of where your dog was lost or 1-mile radius of where your cat was lost.

When creating a poster, use a half-page, brightly-colored poster board and include a clear photo of your pet. Use huge lettering with concise information, such as, “LOST SMALL, WHITE, MALE DOG, Call 530-xxx-xxxx.” Hang the poster with duct tape at major intersections.

More Info

Animal Control in other Counties & Cities:

Tehama County Animal Care Center: (530) 527-3439
City of Shasta Lake Animal Control: (530) 275-7480
Shasta County Animal Control: (530) 245-6065

More Info
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