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two small kittens in the kitten nursery


The kitten nursery cares for kittens who are too young to eat on their own or be put up for adoption. Particularly in springtime, volunteers help to meet the incredible need of caring for kittens in our community.

You can help care for these little ones by volunteering in the nursery or by fostering.

Kitten Nursery Supply Wish List, click here

Volunteer in the Kitten Nursery

In 2018, Haven Humane Society celebrated the opening of our Kitten Nursery. Volunteers play an important part in this program; the more volunteers we have, the more kittens we can care for.

A few tasks volunteers help with are bottle feeding, teaching the older kittens how to eat on their own, changing bedding, and making formula. 

To volunteer at the nursery; call (530) 241-1653 ext. 223, email or apply online.

feeding a kitten with a syringe in the kitten nursery

Foster Kittens in Your Home

Another way to contribute is to foster kittens in your home. Kittens will already be vaccinated and eating on their own, they just need some room for playing and a loving hand to hold them until they are ready for adoption.

Opening your home to foster kittens opens a space in the nursery for the younger kittens.

Fosters are official Haven volunteers, that means major care costs, like medical expenses, are covered by Haven Humane Society.

Learn more about fostering and to apply, click here.

Questions? (530) 241-1653 ext. 202 or email

foster mom cuddling an orange kitten

To see the Kitten Nursery supply Wish List, click here

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