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Senior Animal Adoption Grants "Pal's Fund"

woman holding a senior adopted dog

Older animals have much to offer and make some of the best companions! Haven Humane Society believes that just as animals of all ages and abilities should have loving companions, so should people. To help make this a reality, the Pal's Fund was established in 2005 by Haven supporter Chris Zwaga, in memory of her dog Pal, who was deaf and was adopted from Haven Humane. 

Pal's Fund pays 50% of the adoption fee for adopters of any age that adopt an animal over 6 years old, or one with special needs such as restricted vision, hearing, or movement. Pal's Fund is made possible through the contributions of Haven Humane Society supporters like you.

If you are interested in this special program, please call us at 530-241-1653, email us at, or visit our adoption center. 

Your support of Pal's Fund brightens the lives of our community's older or special-needs animals that are waiting for homes. 

Donations may be made in person at Haven Humane Society or mailed to:

Pal's Fund
c/o Haven Humane Society
P.O. Box 992202
Redding, CA 96099-2202

Donations may also be made online, here

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