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Misty Lee Memorial Fund

Misty Lee the dog

Canine Officer Misty Lee (1998-2004) began her memorable Animal Regulation career as a shelter dog at Haven Humane Society. Retired Captain, Lee Anne Smith, of Redding Animal Regulation, saw in this Border Collie the potential to work as her animal rescue partner in the field.

After intensive training, Misty helped rescue terrified or injured animals and became a partner Captain Smith could count on in emergencies. Misty provided animal-to-animal contact in situations where human intervention was not enough. She risked her life on many occasions until she passed away in January of 2004. 

In memory of her service, the Misty Lee Memorial Fund was established to provide medical care and treatment for injured animals in order to place them into a forever loving home. 

The fund is available primarily for animals in Haven Humane Society's care and is supported through donations from caring people like you. Owners of animals benefiting from the fund are also asked to donate back to the fund what was spent helping their pet. Your donation to the Misty Lee Memorial Fund will help relieve the suffering of animals and honor the memory of Misty Lee. 

Donations may be made in person at Haven Humane Society
or mailed to:

Misty Lee Memorial Fund
c/o Haven Humane Society
P.O. Box 992202
Redding, CA 96099-2202

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