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June Animal Stories

We at Haven Humane Society love being part of the Shasta County community, which has been so supportive of our goal of no more homeless pets in the North State. We are doing more now than ever before to save animals’ lives and get them back home, or adopted into new homes.

Our Kitten Nursery is operating 24 hours a day. Staff and volunteers are feeding kittens around the clock and caring for them until they are adoptable. The number of foster homes available to take in kittens, cats or dogs with medical needs, or those who just need some stress relief has increased. These foster homes provide a huge benefit to both the animals and the shelter when they make this short-term commitment. Our volunteer dog walkers are making sure the dogs get out to run free in the play yards and tossing their favorite toys, and our cat socializers are holding the cats and keeping their toys from launching out of the kennels.

Because of an abundance of shelter dogs and cats and a nationwide shortage of veterinarians for the last two years, we had been unable to offer spay and neuter surgeries and low-cost medical care to Shasta County pets until now. As of April 29, we are once again taking appointments to spay or neuter Shasta County pets. It is our mission to reduce pet overpopulation in Shasta County and we are excited to be able to provide this service again. Our low prices combined with grant subsidies and municipal discount vouchers available to the public make altering a pet more affordable. At this time, appointments are very limited, but we anticipate adding more appointment times in the future.

We are still offering seven spots per business day for altering feral cats, in addition to Feral Fiesta Day on the last Thursday of the month to alter up to 50 feral cats. The feral cat Trap/Neuter/Return program is crucial in reducing litters born in the wild, which would then reproduce exponentially.

Haven Humane Society has contracts with the City of Redding and City of

Anderson for Animal Regulation services, and Shasta County for sheltering animals. But

those contracts cover less than a fourth of Haven’s operating expenses. We rely on

donations from our pet-loving community members to continue taking in and caring for

stray animals and abandoned litters. I am proud to say, the staff at Haven does an

exemplary job in providing for the animals. Their love goes deep.

Please donate today, and consider setting up an automatic monthly donation to ensure Haven continues to be here for the animals.

Mark Storrey, CEO


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