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July Animal Stories

Summertime means it’s time for Camp Love-A-Pet! It’s my favorite activity of the year. Twice during the summer, sixteen kids ages 10-15 are paired up with eight dogs to learn how to train, groom, and care for a family dog in a two-week session. They become advocates for the humane treatment of animals. It’s a great time for our shelter dogs, too. They get out of the kennel every morning for fun activities, they get to use their intellect to learn new things, and they get lots of treats. Our goal is always to have all eight dogs adopted by graduation day so the campers, who have worked so hard in such hot weather, can hand off their dogs to the new family. Our camp kids are super proud of what they’ve accomplished with their dogs (and are totally in love with them).

George has had an especially fun month. Not only is he a camp dog, George also had a day out through our Tails on the Town program. Our 2023 Volunteer of the Year, Heather, took George off-campus for a day of playing in the river and feeling the grass between his toes. Heather says, “George is playful and sweet. He loads up in the car with enthusiasm and is ready to go for any adventure. This pup is very smart and knows many commands. He loves to play fetch with all toys. He loves the water and swims out to fetch sticks (he found quite the “stick” by the river). He does great with kids. He is a strong dog but walks nicely after he has played. He is quite the catch!” We make every effort to give the shelter animals as normal a life as possible. Programs like Camp Love-A-Pet, Tails on the Town, and Sasha’s Playhouse for cats in conjunction with the dedication from staff and volunteers help the animals adjust to shelter life until they are adopted.

Half the year is over already! Here’s what’s been going on at Haven Humane:

• 444 cats have been adopted or transferred to our rescue partners.

• 697 dogs have been adopted or transferred to our rescue partners.

• 245 stray dogs have been returned home after being impounded.

• 125 stray pets (mostly dogs) were picked up by Animal Regulation Officers and returned home the same day without coming to the shelter.

• 115 stray pets that were microchipped were held in the lobby for the owners without being impounded (like Buddy at right).

• 3 pot-bellied pigs were adopted, and we have 7 more available for adoption.

• 11 domestic birds were adopted or transferred to rescue partners, and 19 were returned home.

• A few fish, goats, and rabbits also were adopted or returned home this year.

Remarkably, only eight stray cats have been returned home to their families because they were identified by their owners at the shelter. Dozens of other cats wait in hopes their owners will come find them.

Many people wait days before reporting their cat missing thinking the cat will return home. It’s very important to file a lost report at the shelter as soon as the cat goes missing. We’ll use the information provided to help locate and return the cat. Every lost cat could have returned home from the shelter if they had only been microchipped.

The staff at Haven Humane feels so fortunate to be taking care of animals in need, and you are just as important to the team. Only through donations are we able to provide top-quality care to the pets that count on us to step in as their temporary family. We are honored to do it, and humbled by your generous support. Have a great summer and please watch for animals in distress on these hot days.

Mark Storrey, CEO


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