What to expect when adopting

The Animal Adoption Process

Adopting a companion animal is a very exciting prospect! But, it's also an important decision that must be based on your readiness to love and care for a pet for the rest of its life. Once you and your family decide to adopt an animal from our facility, we invite you to visit with the animals we have. Of course, it's easy to get swept up by all the adorable furry faces, so please take into consideration your lifestyle and each animal's temperament when deciding which will be the best fit for you.

Our Morgan Adoption Center has 72 dog kennels and 66 cat kennels that may have your next best furry friend. If you can't find the pet you're looking for here, you can visit our adoption kiosk at PetSmart, 1336 Hilltop Dr., Redding. See the Contact page for hours.  The kiosk also has dogs and cats available for you to adopt. A friendly and knowledgeable Haven Humane staff member is there to happily assist you. 

Getting to Know You

To help you find the perfect match, we have a visiting room where you, your family and your potential pet can get acquainted. This is the time to observe how you react to each other. Since you're really choosing a family member, it's important to make sure the "feels right" feeling is mutual. If you have other pets who will be sharing their home with the new addition, you may want to bring them to visit with the animal you are considering adopting. Please ask our staff how to go about doing this.

The Adoption Process

After you choose the animal you'd like to adopt, you will complete the paperwork associated with our screened adoption process. This takes about 30 minutes and is required before any adoptions are finalized. Please read the Adoption Agreement carefully and complete the process only after you thoroughly understand the agreement.

All applicants are screened to ensure their ability to provide a lifelong safe, caring environment for their pets. The Society will reclaim any adopted animal discovered living in abusive or neglectful conditions, or in violation of the terms stated in the Adoption Agreement.

Welcome to the Family

After you complete your adoption paperwork and have been approved, you pet will most likely go home with you the same day.  One exception would be if the pet has not yet been sterilized.  It is Haven Humane Society's policy and a State of California requirement that all adopted animals be sterilized, and sterilization is included in the adoption fee.

If your new pet cannot go home with you the same day, an "adoption hold" will be placed on it to ensure it is not adopted by anyone else. You will be asked to leave a deposit of the total adoption fee amount in order to hold the adoption. Please understand that you must be completely approved to adopt in order for the animal to be held exclusively for you. If you have not been completely approved, the animal will still be available to anyone else who qualifies completely. Once all requirements and clearances have been met, you are free to take the newest member of your family home with you. Facilitating successful adoptions is one of our greatest joys and we wish you and your new pet many happy years together.

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