Dog Training

Think you can't teach an old dog new tricks?  We know you can!  Dogs of all ages benefit from training, which is why we offer classes for dogs of all ages at Haven Humane Society. Our classes are very beneficial to dogs that have been adopted from shelters. The stability and predictability that comes with training provides a smooth transition from the shelter environment to their new home.  The end result is happy dogs that thrive with their new families.

Our training programs are open to the public and are conducted by experienced, caring trainers.  Call for information about training classes and dates.

Positive reinforcement training using a marker signal is a very effective scientific method of communicating with your animal.  This style of training relies on being able to define a specific behavior you want to achieve, then breaking it down into the required steps that make it easy for the dog to understand.  By rewarding each small step, we make it fun for the dog and trainer.  In fact, it is so much fun; we call it the "training game."  Learning to use a properly timed signal can become the most powerful tool in your training inventory.  

 All dogs must be current on vaccines and proof of vaccination must be provided at time of enrollment.

To get information on specific dates, times, and registration for the trainers, please call Haven Humane (530) 241-1653 or stop by the Morgan Adoption Center.