Foster Care

Frenchie on scale

Haven Humane Society's Foster Care Program provides temporary placement of special-case animals into qualified volunteer homes until permanent adoption is possible. Animals who come into our care and are too young to be adopted, are underweight or sick, or are in need of socialization and training, are all candidates. The goal of our Foster Care Program is to give adoptable animals the time they need before becoming adoptable family pets.

The Foster Care Program is made up of compassionate volunteers committed to offering animals a temporary home, food and a big dose of love. Many animals arrive at the Haven Humane Society's shelter with potential, but may not be ready for adoption. These animals need the time, love and learning environment that only a foster parent can provide.

With the addition of our Kitten Nursery, more kittens will be taken through the weaning phase into the toddler phase and will need foster homes in which they can grow and play.

If you are interested, please contact the Foster Program Coordinator at (530) 241-1653 or at


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