Animal Regulation

Haven Humane Society is an independent contractor for the City of Redding, administering an Animal Regulation Services contract since the 1980s.  The City of Redding has primary responsibility for Animal Regulation and provides Animal Regulation Services within the corporate city limits.

Animal Regulation officers respond to a wide variety of calls, including reports of stray animals, cruelty to animals, injured animals and complaints. Staff also responds to disaster incidences, helping with search and rescue of animals.

Canine officers have been a vital part of Animal Regulation since 1998.  The program began with two young Border Collies, Misty Lee and Blue Dog.  Newer additions to the team are Tuff, an Australian Shepherd, and Kenai, Chase and Amani, all Border Collies. To be a canine officer, dogs must undergo rigorous training and complete a Canine Good Citizen test.  Dogs are trained to help officers in all phases of animal rescue.  They have encouraged frightened dogs to come to the officers and have saved hundreds of animals. The dogs are also an integral part of the temperament test screening at Haven Humane Society. 

For more information about City of Redding Animal Regulation services, please give us a call at (530) 241-2550.

For animal control issues in Shasta County outside of the Redding city limits, call Shasta County Animal Regulations at (530) 245-6065. 

For animal control issues within the Anderson city limits, call (530) 378-6624.



Redding Municipal Code, Title 7, is the guideline for the Animal Regulation requirement. Information regarding the Redding Municipal Code, Title 7, may be obtained at  To obtain information regarding animal licensing requirements for the City of Redding, select the City Clerk link under City Departments.  All information pertaining to animal requirements for the City of Redding will be shown under the Municipal Code, Title 7, Animal Regulation.