Our Wish List

What we need the most in 2016 are donations to our Shasta Animal Welfare Foundation Low Cost Spay/Netuer fund (SAWF fund) and our Misty Lee Fund, which funds medical treatment for animals with critical or life threatening injuries or illnesses.  Even a small donation to the SAWF Fund will help pet owners in Shasta County spay or neuter their pets, which helps Haven Humane Society by reducing the number of kittens and puppies brought to the shelter each year.  Spaying and neutering saves lives!  For every kitten that isn't born, a kitten or cat already at the shelter has a better chance to be adopted.  Please don't litter!

Do you buy from Amazon?  When you log into smile.amazon.com, and choose Haven Humane Society as your preferred charity, a donation is made to Haven Humane Society based on your purchase total.  So shop for yourself or shop for items on our wishlist below and help a shelter animal.

Haven Humane is in need of new supplies to be used in our shelter and our office.  We also happily accept used merchandise and equipment that is in excellent working condition.

For Our Animal Friends

  • Canned cat food (meaty bits & pate)
  • Puppy formula
  • Kitten formula and bottles
  • Blankets
  • Dog toys
  • Kong toys
  • Towels
  • Kuranda beds for dogs

For Our Facility

  • Portable bldg for iso ward/kitten nursery
  • Sm tractor & box scraper ($6,000)

For Our Clinic

  • Digital Xray ($40,000)
  • Heavy Duty washer/dryer ($500 ea)
  • Xray filing cabinet ($400)
  • Xray Goggles ($280)
  • Hydrometer ($54)
  • Hydrolic Gourney ($3,965)
  • OVH Pack small ($250)
  • OVH Pack large ($450)
  • Tono Pen ($3,500)
  • Alpha Track Glucometer & strips ($230)
  • Hematocrit centrifuge ($1,010)
  • Wireless headsets ($400)