Camp Love A Pet

Since 2006, Haven Humane Society has held a two-week summer day camp for youth ages 10-15.

Led by trainers, teachers, and groomers, the camp exposes children to a variety of animal care professionals and teaches them humane treatment of pet animals. Participants also learn how other animals live in our society today and discover a greater appreciation for life.  

Each camper is teamed with a dog and is responsible for training it in obedience commands for the camp's duration. Every day they must clean, feed and groom their dog, as well as medicate it if needed. The camp also includes relevant classroom projects as well as field trips. At the end of the program each participant must put their dog up for adoption. This can be very difficult for the children, but it is also extremely rewarding for them to see their hard work result in their dog being placed in a new, loving home. 

Camp Love A Pet is beneficial for both animals and campers.  The animals benefit because they are re-trained and adopted into caring homes. Many of the campers will earn better grades in school, learn to cope with difficult issues, and have higher self-esteem because of their experience caring for a dog. They also learn the value of patience and understanding, which helps them become better students and, ultimately, better citizens in our community. Campers are also given a chance to become counselors at the next session of the camp.

Each year, generous individuals and businesses donate scholarships to Redding area children who may not be able to pay the $300 tuition, and to target these scholarships toward children who are interested in animals but may not have had positive interactions in the past.

The 2020 camp dates are June 13-27 or July 18-August 1.

Registration is open beginning February 1 and usually fills up the first day. Registration is taken on a walk-in basis only, not via US mail.  2020 CAMPS ARE FULL.  For more information about Camp or the registration process call Kassie at (530) 241-1653 x223.  To sponsor Camp Love A Pet or donate to the scholarship fund, please call (530) 241-5262.