Haven Humane Society's History

On the third day of January 1952, 20 Shasta County citizens with profound concern regarding the welfare of children and animals formed a non-profit corporation, The Shasta County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Animals.

In the years ahead, children gained protections by law far beyond the ability of a small charity dependent upon private contributions. Child protection improved as public agencies became better educated and more responsible.

Animals obtained no such added protections. In fact, the Humane Society stood alone as the only agency to offer domestic animals protection.


The articles of incorporation were amended and the name was changed to The Shasta County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.   Due to public misconception that the Shasta County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was a public agency, the name was officially changed to Haven Humane Society in 1974.


An anonymous benefactor purchased property for the Society located west of Redding on Placer Road in Centerville. During the next several years the Society succeeded in the construction of a shelter through fund-raisers, donations of building materials and labor from humanitarian friends.


The Society negotiated the first Animal Regulation Services Agreement with the city of Redding. Such an agreement had for some time been enthusiastically encouraged and endorsed by the city administration and unanimously passed by members of the City Council.


The Society and the city of Redding reached an agreement to jointly build a shelter on city owned property. During construction Haven negotiated a purchase of the property constituting some 8.5 acres.  In 1987 Haven moved into the new Animal Welfare Center at 7449 Eastside Road. This facility was configured to provide for increased numbers and more efficient animal handling and care.


Haven sold the property on Placer Road and physically transferred more than 100 animals from its Placer Road Pet Cemetery to the Sleepy Hollow Pet Memorial Park on Rhonda Road in Anderson, California.


The Society began construction of a two-table low cost spay/neuter hospital to address the growing need for sterilization services.  In 2002, the 4,485 sq. ft. spay/neuter hospital opened for business. 


The Morgan Adoption Center opens to double the holding capacity for dogs and cats.  The 10,300 square foot building has 72 dog kennels, 66 cat condos, one cat and two dog visiting rooms, a community cat socialization room, a commercial laundry facility, a grooming room, and two food prep rooms with commercial dish washers.


To help reach our goal of become a no-kill shelter by 2021, Haven's Kitten Nursery was built allowing us to care for unweaned kittens and queens with litters around the clock.  This new building includes an adult cat isolation ward and a separate room for cats and dogs being treated for ringworm.